The Design Lab: Eight weeks to your amazing workshop! (Friends & Family price!)

Don’t let your message and your brilliance get lost in a lackluster workshop. Make sure your workshop has the impact you intended.

Next Design Lab Starts June 16th, 2018!


Maybe you’re new to doing workshops. Maybe you’ve done a few, but they still feel mysterious. And you don’t want yours to suck.

Do you:

  • Feel overwhelmed with workshop ideas and possibilities?
  • Have a great workshop idea, but feel lost trying to organize the content?
  • Feel confused by the design process?
  • Wonder where the heck to start?

If this is you, then you need a system for designing workshops that will wow your clients and grow your business.

I can help. I’ve been designing and facilitating workshops for over 20 years and while each workshop is unique, (no cookie cutter, I promise), I can teach you a foundational blueprint for the design process that will enable you to create exceptional workshops every time.

My workshops didn’t start out fabulous. I facilitated my (unfortunate) share of workshops that sucked. It was heartbreaking and discouraging. My Masters degree gave me a solid foundation in adult learning and group dynamics … and I continued with courses in instructional design.

Creating powerful learning experiences became my passion.

So I know what is possible when your workshop Is amazing:

Participants can:

  • Gain new perspectives on themselves and the world
  • Have deep transformative healing experiences
  • Make significant behavioural and/or mindset changes

You can:

  • Experience greater ease and confidence delivering your content
  • Witness powerful results for your participants
  • Build your brand and reputation so your work sells itself


You don’t need to become an instructional designer like me. You already have a passion and clients who need you. I’ve taken my studies and turned them into a blueprint that will work for you (without you needing to spend the years of study that I did).


“In only one hour with Shoshana, I found clarity about what I want and a plan forward to make it happen. I’ve made the changes we discussed and experience the benefits of them daily.”  Julie R., Communications Director, JRC


 You’re probably wondering:

  • How long a workshop should I offer?
  • How do I choose the right content for my workshop? How much is enough? How much is too much?
  • What’s the right structure and format for my workshop?
  • Should it be in-person or online? (And how are they different??)
  • How do I choose (or design) activities that will engage my participants?
  • How do I know if what I’ve created will work for my participants?

Are you spinning in these questions? Not sure where to start and afraid your workshop will never take shape?

Learning a new skill can be confusing and overwhelming. And make no mistake – designing workshops is a skill set: different from what you’re brilliant at.

But don’t worry. It’s a skill set you can learn; and paired with what you already have to offer, you’ll be unstoppable.

We can do this together…. I’ll teach you a blueprint for workshop design that will not only get you started, but get you a beautiful workshop you can be proud of. (and set you up to do many more just as fabulously)

 In fact, by the end of this eight-week program, you will have:

  • A COMPLETED DESIGN for one AMAZING workshop
  • A SYSTEM for designing future workshops
  • Templates, worksheets and processes to help you design a fantastic workshop EVERY TIME
  • CONFIDENCE in your ability to design a Workshop That Doesn’t Suck!

“After years of thinking (often shamefully) that I had to create courses and workshops for my offerings on my own,  Shoshana saved me precious resources that I got to put toward my clients, the book I am writing, and other areas of my business.” Tara C. Relationship Coach  


Here’s what you’ll get:

Jam-packed course modules:  For each module, I’ll send you all the materials you need to help you build your workshop design, including audios, videos and worksheets.  By the end of the program you’ll have a complete workshop building system that you can use over and over again.

Weekly group calls: Bring your burning questions to these live calls and I will answer them.

A private Facebook group: Just for you and the folks you’ll be learning with. You can bounce ideas off each other, get feedback, ask for input. We’ll build a community that will last long past the end of the program.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Messaging: From establishing your core idea to how you’ll sell this beauty once it’s designed, you’ll get clear on what your focus is and how you want to communicate it.

Learning Goals: Create clear promises for your participants that outline what they can expect to learn from you.

Content: Whether you’re starting with too much or not enough, you’ll get clear on what you need and how to organize it.

Format / Structure: Whether you’re building an in-person workshop or a group program, you’ll identify the best format and structure for your purpose, your people and your content.

Learning Activities: Whatever your format, you will need a variety of experiential, interactive, activities that will support your learning goals and engage your participants. You’ll learn how to choose activities that work for your content and format.

Materials: From handouts to facilitator notes, you’ll design and build the materials that will support you and your participants to make the workshop experience positive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An idea for a workshop: it doesn’t need to be the perfect idea; it might be half-formed or you might have several you’re toying with. To make the most of this program, you’ll need to pick one general concept you can start with and then work through the process with it.

Time: Be prepared to spend a few hours each week working through the materials so that you can come to the call and ask the questions you need in order to maximize your learning.

Facebook: Not everyone loves it, but it can provide a great forum for sharing. It’s ok if you’re not a regular user, but you’ll need an account to join the private group that we’ll use to build community, ask for input and feedback and test out ideas. I’ll also post short videos as we go to answer common questions.

Your investment:

Full Price: $925

Early Bird Special: $775

Get the Early Bird price until June 8th! 

With your discount, you pay only: $675! 

*All prices in USD. Payment plan available



The VIP Package:

Excited about the Design Lab, but wanting a bit more individual support to make sure your workshop is amazing? 

Someone to review what you’re working on as you go, coach you through the rough spots and brainstorm ideas for the stuck places?

The VIP package might be a fit for you.

In addition to everything you get in the Design Lab, you’ll also get:

3 individual laser coaching sessions with me (30 mins each) that you can book anytime during the Design Lab (value $300)
The Once Over: When your design is complete, I will review it thoroughly and provide you with detailed feedback and recommendations for how to take it up a notch. We’ll get on a call together and go over it, equipping you with clarity and next steps. (value $375)

Total Value: $675

You save $200 when you buy the package with your Design Lab registration!

Total Investment for the Design Lab VIP option:

Full Price: $1400

Get the Early Bird price until June 8th! 

Early Bird Special: $1250

With your discount, you pay only: $1150! 

*All prices in USD. Payment plan available



What if I don’t know what kind of workshop I want to do?

Don’t worry. We’ll start there. You’ll need to choose a topic in the first week to work all the way through the process – but if you haven’t got one yet, the first module will help get you there. Be prepared to pick a topic and work with it in order to learn the process.


Can’t I figure this out on my own? I’m an expert in my content?

Technically, yes. I did. But I spent years getting good at it, and you want to do it right faster. Being a subject matter expert is different than being an adult learning and instructional design expert. You know your content best. Imagine what you can do with expert advice on how to structure it so your people will really get it.


My expertise is very specific. Will your process still work for me?

Yes. That’s the beauty of the design blueprint: you’ll learn the process for building around your specific expertise.


I don’t want a cookie-cutter workshop. If I use your ‘system’ won’t all the workshops be essentially the same?

The system is for the process, not the end workshop design. Every workshop will look and feel different. You will tailor the format, structure, content and experience for your purpose and people. The process you will use to choose the elements and put them all together will be the same and provide you with a foundation that you can build from every time.


Will I get individual help with my workshop design from you?

Yes. Each week I will hold a live group call where I will answer your questions. I’ll also be active in the Facebook group, answering your questions and giving feedback there.


Will this course teach me how to fill my workshop?

While this course is not focused on ‘how to launch’, it will give you a workshop worth selling and the core marketing messages to do so. We’ll also look at strategies for filling the seats.