Welcome to the Design Lab!

I’m so delighted that you are joining me for this exciting journey! 

The Design Lab is definitely a laboratory; a place for us to get messy and creative and experimental together. You’ll bring your ideas, vision and commitment and I’ll bring my design process and expertise to get you where you want to go.

Creating an amazing workshop can be time-intensive and will challenge you along the way to dig into the mess in search of clarity. I’ll be there along the way to support you. What I ask is that you block off time on your calendar each week so that you can make best use of the materials I send and the support that is offered.

So you can do that, here’s what you should plan for:

Sunday, June 16, 2018: Course Launch!

I’ll send out a welcome video, course overview and your first module package with all your learning materials including worksheets, templates, and assignments.


Thursdays June 21 – August 9, 2018  11am – 12:30pm PST: Weekly calls

Each call will be an interactive mini-workshop to work through the materials that you’ve received the week before with lots of time for Q & A

Thurs, June 21: Module 1 – Purpose

Thurs, June 28: Module 2 – Structure

Thurs, July 5: Check-in Call

Thurs, July 12: Module 3 – Content

Thurs, July 19: Module 4 – Experience

Thurs, July 26: Check-in Call

Thurs, August 2: Module 5 – Materials

Thurs, August 9: Module 6 – Packaging


All calls will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make it in-person to all of them

*Note that while there are SIX modules of content, there are EIGHT call dates as there are two implementation weeks built-in to the program. One between modules 2 & 3, and a second between modules 4 & 5.  During implementation weeks, I will hold Q & A calls in case anyone needs some extra help.


Your Design Lab practice community: I’ve created an FB group just for us. A safe place to share ideas, questions and struggles … to get input, feedback and encouragement.

You can find it here:

Please jump in now, meet the group and introduce yourself as soon as you’re ready.


Can’t wait to get started!