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The Once Over

You have a workshop coming up (maybe your first workshop or a new offering?). You've got it designed and ready to go (you hope!) and you want a thorough review to make sure it doesn't suck. You'll send me your design, I'll review it and then we'll spend a single laser session together. I'll give you some pointers and we'll work out some kinks. We'll make sure you're ready to rock this thing!

The Work Over

You've got an idea for a brilliant workshop – you might even have a basic sketch of it, but you want to make sure you're covering all the right bases to ensure your workshop will have the impact you want for your people.  We'll spend three calls together, you'll do some intense homework in between, and by the end of our process, you'll have a workshop that shines.

The Deep Dive

You want more than The Work Over. You want a design collaborator. You don't mind doing some homework, but you want someone in the trenches with you, massaging the content and designing the activities. I've got you. We'll work this thing together until it shines.

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Consulting / Organizational Work

Want to bring me in to train your people to create better workshops for your organization?

Looking for leadership development, team building, or organizational change support?

I’m a professional coach, facilitator and organizational development consultant. You can check out more of my experience and expertise on LinkedIn and talk to me about what you'd like for you organization.  Let's create it together.