Connie Musallam, CPCC

I had the pleasure of working with Shoshana for the past few months primarily as a coach for my upcoming workshops.  She demonstrated amazing insight in the magic of running a dynamic and highly effective workshop.  Shoshana clearly is very passionate about developing exciting workshops; I see now how it is so natural for her to be doing this type of work.

Shoshana also has a fantastic skill of being a great coach.  Through our conversations about my workshops, I had the opportunity to identify some out-of-view barriers that we discovered.  With the use of her keen skill of listening, inquisitiveness and intuition, we worked through them beautifully!

I highly recommend anyone that is looking to develop a workshop, to have their workshop critiqued, or just to receive some great coaching, to seek out Shoshana!

Connie Musallam, CPCC
Executive Coach and Health Care Leadership Specialist

Madeline Shwarz

We started with the basics – she took me back to my learning objectives and made sure that all my content was working toward them. We reviewed the difference between an interactive presentation and a workshop, a subtle difference that helped me know what I was shooting for.

In one hour, Shoshana confirmed my ideas, gave me a tool to plan out timing and helped me add in more activities to maximize participation.

I felt confident and prepared walking into my first workshop.

Madeline Schwarz
Career and Communications Coach