The Work Over: Create your Signature Program with Ease

You’re ready to take your business to the next level. It’s time for you to have a Signature Program that you offer your clients. And you want it to be as brilliant as you are and as successful as your business should be.

Is this you? 

  • You have a brilliant workshop or group program that you want to create, maybe your Signature Program, but you’re not sure where to start
  • You have a clear idea for your program purpose, but organizing the content feels totally overwhelming
  • You know how you want your program to FEEL, but you’re not sure quite how to design for that
  • You’re committed to making this program AH-MAZING but afraid it may fall flat without some expert help
  • You need more than a group program to get you started; you want personalized support and a timeline aligned with your needs


If this is you, then you need a dedicated mentor and collaborator to guide you step by step through the process of creating an amazing signature program that will transform your clients and grow your business.

Hi! I’m Shoshana,
creator of Workshops that Don’t Suck! and I can help.

I’ve been designing and facilitating workshops for over 20 years and I can show you how to design an exceptional signature program for your clients that will engage them deeply, sell easily and help you make the impact you’re desiring.

Because not all workshops are fabulous, and many of them don’t sell even though they are brilliant. I know because I have created a few that sucked and a few that didn’t sell. At the time, I didn’t know how to design FOR MY PEOPLE. I had these great ideas and this incredible desire to offer something amazing, but there was clearly something I was missing. It was heartbreaking and discouraging.

I’ve learned A LOT since then. I did a masters degree in adult learning and group dynamics, a coaching certification, courses in instructional design and even trained as a therapist. I wanted to really understand how people learn and what it took to create phenomenal learning experiences that people would show up for.

 Creating powerful, successful, learning experiences became my passion.

You don’t need to become an instructional designer like me. You already have a passion and clients who need you. So, I’ve taken my studies and turned them into a design framework that will work for you (without you needing to spend the years of study that I did).

You’re probably wondering:

  • How long should my signature program be?
  • Should it be an in-person workshop or online group program?
  • How do I sort through all the content I have? How much is enough? How much is too much?
  • How do I choose (or design) activities that will really get my participants engaged?
  • How do I know if my participants will love (and buy) what I’ve created? 

What if I put in all this time and effort and it flops?

If you put in the time and effort, with the right support and guidance, it won’t flop. It will shine. Translating what you already know into a meaningful learning experience for your clients requires a whole separate set of expertise from the one you have. But it’s a skill set you can learn and, paired with the right support and the gifts you already have to offer, you’ll be unstoppable.

We can do this together…. I’ll guide you through the process of designing your workshop or group program, supporting you every step of the way. We’ll work through all the steps together so you’re super clear and excited about every part of your program. In the process, you’ll also learn the framework for designing future workshops with ease.

 In fact, by the end of The Work Over, you will have:

  • A SYSTEM for designing future workshops
  • COMPELLING, VALUES-ALIGNED, MARKETING COPY that you can use to promote your program
  • CONFIDENCE in your ability to design (and sell) an AMAZING WORKSHOP (That Doesn’t Suck!)




Payment plan available

After years of thinking (often shamefully) that I had to create courses and workshops for my offerings on my own,  Shoshana saved me precious resources that I got to put toward my clients, the book I am writing, and other areas of my business.” Tara C. Relationship Coach  

 Here’s what you’ll get:


One-on-one calls: We’ll jump on a call together and work through your ideas and your material, getting you super clear and excited about each step of the process. We’ll problem solve and idea generate together, coming up with a design that you and your clients will LOVE. We’ll determine together, based on the scope of your program, how many calls we’ll need. (Typical range is four to six calls) 

Templates and Worksheets: As we work through your design, I’ll send you worksheets and templates to support your design process and set you up for success. You’ll be able to use these for years to come for any future workshop you create.

Email support:  In between our calls you can send me your ideas, questions and the pieces you’re working on for feedback. I’ll respond within an agreed time-frame (depending on the urgency of your project) so you can keep moving forward and maximize the time we spend on our calls.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Messaging: From establishing your core idea to how you’ll sell this beauty once it’s designed, you’ll get clear on what your focus is and how you want to communicate it.

Learning Goals: Create clear promises for your participants that outline what they can expect to learn from you.

Content: Whether you’re starting with too much or not enough, you’ll get clear on what you need and how to organize it.

Format / Structure: Whether you’re building an in-person workshop or a group program, you’ll identify the best format and structure for your purpose, your people and your content.

Learning Activities: Whatever your format, you will need a selection of experiential, interactive, activities that will support your learning goals and engage your participants. You’ll learn how to choose activities that work for your content and format.

Materials: From handouts to facilitator notes, you’ll design and build the materials that will support you and your participants to make the workshop experience positive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An idea for your Signature Program: it doesn’t need to be the perfect idea; it might be half-formed or you might have several you’re toying with. We’ll crystallize it in our first call together.

Time: We’re working one-on-one, focusing on your program. We’ll set up our calls based on your time-frame – but to really make this work, be prepared to spend the time between calls working through the material we covered so that you can come to the next call ready to rock the next piece.

Commitment: As always, you’ll get out what you put in. Bring your all and I’ll meet you there with mine!

Your investment: 

$2000 USD (payment plans available) 

Ready to create your Signature Program and take your business to the next level?




Payment plan available  


It seems like a workshop and online group program would be totally different processes – can you really help me with either one?

Yes! While there definitely differences between online and in-person delivery, the fundamental design process is the same – and I’ve helped folks with both kinds of programs. I’ve also designed and delivered both for myself.

Can’t I figure this out on my own? I’m an expert in what I do.

Technically, yes. I did. But I spent years getting good at it, and you want to do it right, faster. Being a subject matter expert is different than being an adult learning and instructional design expert. You know your content best. Imagine what you can do with expert advice on how to structure it so your people will really get it. 

My expertise is very specific. Will your process still work for me?

Yes. That’s the beauty of the design process – it’s not content specific. I’ll work with you to build your specific expertise into a format that will work for your clients.

I don’t want a cookie-cutter program. If I use your system won’t my workshop or program look like all the others you’ve helped create?

The system is for the design process, not the actual structure of your program. Every workshop or program I do and help with looks different. No plug-and-play here. We’ll design for your people and your content to create your unique Signature Program. 

What if I don’t know who my people are or what my niche is?

Then we’ll start there. While you can design a workshop without knowing who it’s for, chances are low that it will sell or that it will accomplish what you want it to. But if that’s where you’re stuck, don’t let it stop you – we’ll simply help you get clear on that first, before we dive into the design process. 

Will you teach me how to fill my workshop?

Yes and no. The focus of our work will be on designing an exceptional program that is worth selling, but the process would be incomplete if we didn’t set you up to sell it. So I’ll help you craft the essential marketing messages and identify some key strategies you can use to get your marketing started. For more help I can refer you to folks that specialize n marketing.

I want to create a workshop – but I hadn’t thought of it as a ‘Signature Program’. Is this still for me?

This package is for you if you want individual support for creating an amazing workshop – whether it’s your signature program or just your newest offering. If you’re not sure, reach out for a free consultation call. I’m always happy to explore if this will be the right fit. 

This is a lot of money. I’m not sure I can afford it right now.

It’s definitely a big investment to create and launch something new in your business. And only you know if this is the right investment for you at this time. If you’d like to have a conversation about whether this program will get you where you want to go, I’m happy to jump on a call with you. My commitment is to help you get clear on what your right next step is (whether that’s working with me or something else.) I promise no pitch – just clarity. I only want you to work with me if it’s truly the right next step for you.

This program is not for you if:

You want to create an e-course.

There are lots of eLearning platforms and experts. It’s a totally different learning delivery philosophy and a completely different business model from working directly with your clients whether in-person or through a group program. 

You want someone else to do the actual design work for you.

I can do that, but it’s not this package. With this package I will provide you with all the guidance, support, tools and templates you need to build the program yourself. In the process, you’ll get everything you need to be able to do it over and over again. If you really would prefer that someone else did the building for you, feel free to book a consultation call with me and we can explore what a custom design package would look like for you.

You’ve just started your business, don’t have any clients yet and really need to get money in the door.

Not that we couldn’t help you create an amazing program, but there are there are some immediate things you need to focus on, and this program likely won’t get your meaningful attention. If you’d like to talk to me about getting your business foundation in place, let’s have that conversation instead. I promise this will still be here when you’re ready.

Yes! This is just what I need right now!  Payment plan available